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OOC Information:
Name: Aith
Age: 19
AIM: Brightest Gate

IC Information:
Name: Laharl
Fandom: Disgaea
Timeline: Post-Hour of Darkness, pre-Cursed Memories
Age: 1313
Appearance: Laharl stands about five feet tall, although his hair adds a good six inches to that- it's blue and spiked downwards, with two gigantic extensions resembling antennae coming off of the top. It is always kept immaculately styled and even after being burned manages to retain most of its form.

Laharl himself is nothing too extraordinary- he's skinny but not emaciated, relatively fit but without visible muscles. He doesn't wear a shirt, but he does wear pants, thankfully- a pair of red shorts with white cuffs, held up by a large black belt. In addition he wears some pretty fancy shoes, bright red and cuffed with gold to show off his status- he also wears two large bracelets that look almost identical to the shoe cuffs.

His most obvious clothing, though, is his scarf; unraveled, it's about two feet longer than Laharl is tall. It's dark red and manages to blow in the wind even when Laharl is standing still, indoors, and when it's not blowing it tends to fall into a position vaguely resembling a cape.

Laharl's features are at first glance not unusual, but closer attention shows some clear demonic traits- his ears are pointed, his eyes bright red, and his teeth sharpened to a point. His eyes sometimes burn with actual fire when he's angry enough, and when enraged at times only the whites are visible.

Abilities: Laharl's abilities are rather... varied, shall we say. Most of his abilities are common to all demons; he's incredibly resilient, fully capable of being lit on fire, going swimming in lava, being beaten around with all kinds of weapons, hit with energy cannons from gigantic battleships, and being shot in the head without any kind of permanent damage. (The headshot knocked him out for a few days, though.) His physical strength is also extremely high, although it's not really beyond normal human levels; it's beyond the average strength of a 13-year-old (His equivalent age), but adult humans can outpower him or at least fight evenly with him in a contest of sheer physical strength.

However, it is not entirely in physical nature where Laharl shines! He is also a somewhat talented mage, although he doesn't actually really know much magic because he doesn't care. What magic he does know, however, is pretty decent; he specializes in fire, and he's talented in pyrokinesis in general, allowing him to add the fire to his physical attacks in a way that most demons cannot.

Also, as the Overlord, he possesses a few extra skills, most of them playing off his pyrokinesis; he can summon swarms of fireballs and center them on a single target, he can light his fist on fire and cause an explosion when he punches; and he can summon a gigantic fucking meteor. Laharl is probably a good candidate for one of the collars that blocks powers more so he doesn't completely wreck the shit out of the Facility on his first day.

Finally, Laharl is an incredibly skilled sword and axe user, and has relative proficiency with any other kind of weapon. If it can hurt people? Chances are Laharl knows how to use it.

Personality: Laharl is a demon. Through and through, he shares all the traits of demons- He's self-centered, abrasive, and quick to anger. He treats his vassals as slaves, very rarely actually caring about any of them; none of them see any problem with this, as they're all demons as well. His status as Prince- and later, Overlord- entitles him to power and influence that few other demons have; he abuses this status to his own advantage, feeling it gives him the right to simply relieve other demons of their money and possessions, and simply destroy any competition he happens to have for the throne. Which it does, but the point is the entitlement. He's rude, violent, and doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Throughout the course of the game, however, his personality shifts ever-so-slightly; his primary goal remains to become the most powerful Overlord in the world, and all of his actions are still incredibly self-serving, but he begins caring for his friends more. In addition, as Overlord, he realizes that to be an effective ruler he needs to be kind to his people, and does so. When it's convenient to him.

The most important change, however, is his new-found caring for his friends; He pretends that he helps them and cares for them simply because they're effective vassals, but he truly cares for them deep-down and would do anything to protect them. Even though it's still difficult for him to make new friends, once he does they're incredibly important to him.

In addition, his heart begins opening somewhat to the idea of love, despite the pain of losing his mother. It is mostly through Flonne's influence that this comes to be, but his mother's guarding him even from beyond death is a major catalyst as well; he still pretends to be an uncaring demon, but his heart begins opening despite this, a feeling that pisses the hell out of him more than anything. Most irritating are his feelings for Flonne; he cares about her enough to protect her, despite her being an angel (And the most persistent, irritating person he knows). He really doesn't know what to think about that.

Also he's allergic to sexy women's bodies. While that specifically isn't a personality trait per se it does shape how he acts around those with tits the size of Oklahoma- because he can't stand being around them he tends to actually be somewhat nice, if curt, to them, simply to get them what they want so they'll leave him alone. Jennifer, for example, has the largest breasts in the game and can even get away with calling him "Harlie" with no problems.

History: Many years ago, the Netherworld was ruled by King Krichevskoy, an incredibly powerful Overlord. Seen as an oddity amongst demons, Krichevskoy was a kind fiend, benevolent and fair to all of his subjects. Krichevskoy fell in love with a human witch, an act almost unheard of in demon (Or human) society; the two wed, and remained deeply in love with each other, continuing to rule fairly over the world. The two bore a son, Prince Laharl, who despite his half-human nature carried enough Noble Demon blood to remain incredibly powerful. Laharl and his mother shared a special bond, but his relationship with his father was shaky at best due to the competitive nature of demons (And his own desire to become the Overlord).

Eventually, Laharl came down with a fatal disease for which there was almost no recovery. Sacrificing herself to save her son, Laharl's mother used the power of ~love~ and ~suicide~ to purge the disease from his body. While he recovered fully, this act led him to blame love itself for the death of his mother, and he closed his heart to it, hating love and everything love stands for, as well as love's distant relatives, recipes, and hat patterns. Krichevskoy was deeply affected as well, but he turned his attentions to his rule and his son; Laharl became even more distant from his father, and eventually settled down to take a nap, intending to sleep for a few days. Instead, he slept for two years. Which, considering the responses, isn't all that odd for demons, although it is on the long end of things.

During this nap, a certain event happened that would shape the Netherworld forever- King Krichevskoy died. (The official COD was that he'd choked to death on a pretzel, but he actually died fighting the Overlord of an alternate Netherworld.) Etna, one of the Overlord's vassals, attempted to wake Laharl up by means of heavy artillery, eventually succeeding almost two years after Krichevskoy's death. Laharl, being a demon, took this news well, deciding to take the time to beat the living hell out of everyone in his path to claim his birthright and become the Overlord. Which he did for a while.

After a time, an angel trainee named Flonne came under orders of Seraph Lamington, supreme leader of Celestia (The world of angels) to assassinate the Overlord. Apparently unaware that Krichevskoy had died, Flonne was surprised by this news, and tried to cheese it. Laharl chased her down with the intention of beating her up, but decided to let her join him as a vassal instead; Flonne, for her part, decided to teach Laharl and all the other demons about ~love~ in hopes of opening Laharl's heart.

Laharl's army continued to traverse the Netherworld, destroying various competition for the throne and increasing its numbers while also earning money by looting and rampaging. Finally, tired of all this, Laharl announces a contest- If any demon can defeat him before he declares himself Overlord at a certain spot, then they will become the new Overlord. This is all an elaborate gambit, dedicated to dragging out his competition; it works, and all of the usurper hopefuls are completely obliterated by Laharl and his ragtag group of serial killers. At last, Laharl is crowned as the Overlord. There is much rejoicing. ...From Laharl. Everyone else still calls him "prince".

More stuff happens. Etc. Instead of going on with this, I'm going to take a quick diversion and talk about Prinnies.

Prinnies are stuffed penguins. They explode when thrown, and carry pouches that contain condensed hammerspace. Also, they have the souls of sinful humans sewn into them. If they raise enough money they can be reincarnated, and so they work as slaves in the Netherworld and indentured servants in Celestia. This does, in fact, matter.

Eventually, Laharl's Prinny servants (The Prinny Squad) leave to become reincarnated at the Red Moon, a sacred moon under which the Prinnies' souls are cleansed. Laharl, irritated by his servants up and leaving, decides to go and beat them up and get them back. He succeeds at beating the hell out of Death, when a pink Prinny (Known as Big Sis Prinny) appears to him. Telling him to let his servants go, which he does, she thanks Flonne and Etna for looking after 'her son'. Laharl, realizing that this Prinny is his mother, is heavily affected by her still loving him even after death, and starts to accept that maybe he can like people and still be a fearsome demon.

Yet more things happen! The army continues to go on adventures, destroying any demon that Laharl doesn't like and fighting off an invasion from the Earth army. None of this is really important. What is important, however, is what happens next!! Flonne returns to Celestia to face judgment for her crime of consorting with demons. Laharl is not happy about this, due to her being his vassal- or at least, that's what he says, the real reason being that he actually cares about her, oh no, worst demon ever. But either way, the demons go to Celestia and basically slaughter all the angels!

At last, they face Seraph Lamington, the leader of the angels. By the time they've arrived, they're just a moment too late- Flonne accepts her punishment and is killed, becoming a flower as angels do when they die. Laharl is pissed at this. So he beats the everliving shit out of Lamington! As he's about to deal the final blow, though, he hesitates- and that hesitation proves to Lamington- and also to Mid-Boss, one of Laharl's former rivals to the throne who is also Laharl's father reincarnated- that Laharl has, in fact, changed. Pleased by this development, Mid-Boss sacrifices himself in order to resurrect Flonne as a Fallen Angel, a demon/angel hybrid that basically just dresses sluttier. The group is returned to the Netherworld, Laharl basically being a horrible tyrant while Etna and Flonne eat dessert and torture the Prinnies. And they all lived happily ever after until Disgaea 2.

Roleplay Sample - Log: Laharl wasn't going to take this anymore. It had gotten ridiculous. The experiments? Garbage. The "psychological torment"? Barely worth his time. The isolation? Kind of nice after all that time spent with Flonne and Etna.

But this was too much. Too damn much. He hefted his makeshift quarterstaff- made from a table leg- and stormed down the halls, prepared to destroy the bane of his existence, that which caused him such agony and grief. Those who passed him in the halls went unnoticed, his focus dedicated on only his one target.

Finally, he arrived. He tore the suite door open and made his way over to the specific room door he needed, his eyes burning with rage. The staff slammed against the door several times- who the hell knocks anymore?- and he gritted his teeth.

"Get your ass out here, you fool! The Overlord has marked you for death for your shitty crimes and your overall uselessness!"

No response. Nothing but silence except for his own exasperated breaths. He raised the staff to slam it into the door again, and-- Then it opened. Laharl stared for a split second and then fell to the ground, determination and fury torn asunder by a severe allergy attack.

Tsunade's chest had claimed another victim.

Roleplay Sample - Journal: Haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaa! I wondered how long it would be before the humans made their move again. I was worried I'd have to beat some sense into them for not thinking of me as a threat!

This is a new one, though. Getting me here without me even noticing until I woke up? That takes some damn work. And what's with the collar?! Now I'm just mad!

So listen up, you useless idiots! Whoever put me here, you can't even contemplate what you're messing with here! I am Overlord Laharl, King of Hell, Ruler of the Netherworld, the most powerful demon to ever hold the damn title! You will kneel before me and I'll laugh and laugh and laugh! Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! Like that, fools! And then I will end you. And then, do you know what? You'll come back as Prinnies. And I'll kill you again! [He storms to the door and flings it open as he rants into the Faciliberry, walking into the hallway and slamming the door shut again for dramatic effect! Then he just stands in the hallway and yells more, pleased when people stop to stare at him] I don't even care why you put me in this damned tacky white prison, I'm gonna take you all down! Or my name isn't Laharl! Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaaa-- [The laughing goes on for a while, not getting any less maniacal! Eventually the feed times out]

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here. Laharl's canonically got a non-restricted hammerspace inventory. What should I be doing with that? And also, his scarf can turn into wings that he can fly with, limits on that?


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